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    • I would not have found this position without Venturion’s help and support and I was very pleased with the result.

      Jay McElhenney – Vice President of Manufacturing and Quality
    • The assistance & expertise I gained from Venturion was key to my successful career transition from the real estate industry into DoD program management.

      Lisa Schmidt – Program Manager
    • Venturion was far more than expected! I had recently moved to Texas & prior to meeting with Don, had applied for a few jobs but heard nothing back. I’m so glad I didn’t continue down that path! In no time I . . . interviewed & got my perfect job! Highly recommended!!!

      JoAnne Patterson – Territory Sales Representative
    • . . . excellent resources when I needed professional career guidance and coaching. Their knowledge and contacts in the San Antonio area are well worth the investment in Venturion.

      Rick Hernandez – Chief Financial Officer
    • Venturion helped me translate the skills I developed while in the military into options for a career outside of the military. . . . a process of discovery that I couldn’t have done on my own. Now, I’m on my way and am enjoying my second career.

      John Sacks – Enterprise Architect (Transition from Military)
    • The Venturion team helped me navigate the private sector as I transitioned from the military. They guided me through the process of recognizing strengths, capitalizing on them, and mastering presentation to potential employers. The Venturion team’s coaching and guidance will pay dividends for the rest of my professional life. Thank you!

      Christina Slaton – Area Manager (Transition from Military)
    • The Venturion team takes time to understand clients’ needs and recommends multiple options to fit their needs. Venturion experts possess the nested knowledge that I have rarely found . . . . Highly recommended!

      Niraj Kumar – Operations Manager
    • It was amazing the lengths they went to prepare me for the next stage of my professional career and their continued follow up and involvement is inspiring. I actually found a job with several other Venturion clients and we all are extremely thankful for the dedication, professionalism and hard work of all the Venturion team.

      Joe Nunez
    • Venturion provided me insight, guidance and tools to find a career that was a great fit for me. The entire team at Venturion from the moment you walk in is professional, responsive and excessively kind, creating a great environment to inspire you to dream big and fulfill your goals!

      Jennifer Bordman Scott
    • The group at Venturion were key ingredients in helping me to find a career. . . as I’ve transitioned to a position that I really enjoy. The talent and integrity of this group is beyond anything I expected.

      Ed Lively – Senior Consultant & Trainer
    • Venturion helped me find a fulfilling career that maximized my strengths and my earing potential.

      Nita Schweitzer – Consultant
    • The Venturion team was instrumental in helping me advance my career during a time of transition. Venturion is a top notch organization with excellent resources and experienced leadership.

      Steve Killam – Plant Manager
    • Arlene and the staff at Venturion were the critical missing piece in helping me start a second career. After weeks of unproductive searching, they taught me how to figure what would be the right fit and to get laser focused and effective. . . . let them help you get the position you always wanted!

      Michael E. Brown – Major Account Manager (Military Transition)
    • I enjoyed the experience and it was relatively stress free. I was able to identify a best fit in the market and pursue these choices. With several offers I was able to pick my first choice.

      Verr Bateman Soltes – Architect
    • The Venturion team’s sincere desire to see their clients succeed is at the heart of the strategic career management process and I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

      Jeff Parsons – Vice President
    • The Venturion Team is one of the most professional organizations I have worked with. After a lengthy job hunt on my own with no results (not even and interview) I went to Venturion for help. I ended up orchestrating a new position in a company that “had no position for me”.

      Stacy Crow – Corporate Account Manager
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