Finding the right jobs and employment opportunities becomes a more sophisticated process as your career advances. Our clients have accepted positions with Valero, Microsoft, USAA, NASA, H-E-B, Dell, AT&T, Rackspace and many other outstanding employers throughout Texas, and around the world. Recognized for our unprecedented success with individuals seeking executive, professional, and managerial positions; Venturion is one of the nation’s most progressive career management, marketing, and consulting firms. Our dynamic approach to career transition makes it faster, easier, and less confusing. As one of the oldest and most credentialed career management firms in the state, we know the Texas job market. Since 1998, we’ve helped thousands of people seeking the right career opportunity. We know that the issues of career marketing and career management in Texas are unique and require considerably more sophistication than other U.S. markets. Our innovative strategies and tactics promote and foster the success of Texas’ top talent.