Executive leadership is key to your company’s growth. We realize you have an investment of time and money in your employees, and our customized coaching is designed around the strengths and weaknesses of your current executives to help them become more effective leaders. Our executive coaching process will help you retain your most valued managers. The people who are charged with the vital leadership and management responsibilities in your company will attain greater awareness, and develop the communication and interpersonal skills to lead and work with others more effectively.

Executive coaching may be the answer to both the development and retention needs of your organization. When an organization commits resources to coaching, it is generally because it has needs in one of the following areas:

Coaching to Improve Performance

You may have a key employee with excellent technical abilities who, because of specific behaviors or unrefined skills, is at risk in your organization. Our executive coaching process can help this valuable employee improve skill sets and become more effective.

Coaching for Advancement

Your high-potential employee exhibits the skill and expertise to be considered for advancement but needs fine-tuning. We will improve existing skills and help the employee learn the new skills needed to help meet your organizational goals. We will help your key people by enhancing their leadership skills and preparing them for their changing responsibilities at the next level.

Coaching to Change Behavior

Perhaps your high potential employee is performing below maximum potential. There may be a lack of interpersonal sensitivity, poor self-awareness or ineffective communication, negotiation or critical thinking skills. Executive coaching will help the individual recognize the specific behaviors and/or assumptions that are problematic. They will provide alternative strategies for behavioral change and heightened awareness.

The coaching process is facilitated by our professional staff and overseen by a managing partner. While much of our work is centered on individual coaching, the objective is focused on company-wide efforts―linking employee development to organizational goals.