The following are a sampling from clients in the San Antonio/Austin area. 

“I was most impressed with the services offered…. At the onset of my career transition, you made me aware of all of the possible career opportunities and developed a realization of all of my marketable skills. Your program instilled the confidence necessary to pursue applicable possibilities and your staff continually provided encouragement to persist with my job search. Besides the many successful tips, you offered accessibility to influential key people and desirable positions within organizations. These organizations were selectively chosen to be of interest to me, and they offered possibilities that I would not have thought of on my own. I have secured the position of my dreams, and I look forward to many positive career developments with the help of your program. It is a pleasure to work with all of you. Thank you.”

– Kathleen M.

“I want to extend my appreciation to you and the staff for your exceptional training, counsel, patience and persistence in preparing me for transitioning from the Air Force to the civilian job market. Your program forced me to take a very critical look at my skills and abilities and also critically evaluate my short and long term goals in life. With the assistance of your outstanding research department, I also obtained an accurate assessment of salary ranges for positions/locations I was pursuing, which proved vital in my salary negotiations.

In my case, the company was convinced they wanted me, even before I interviewed. After a day with them “wining and dining” me, the president asked me “what would it take for you to sign with us?” The president then said my position typically brought in the neighborhood of $60,000. I repeated that figure, then paused with a pensive look for about 20 seconds…the president hurriedly asked if I would agree to use $80,000 as a starting point for further discussions. I agreed and a day later, over the phone, I negotiated an additional $5,000, beginning three months after I start, with an added yearly bonus of 10%. BOTTOM LINE — without the training and preparation, I very well could be still job hunting or possible be working for the company I am now with, for $60,000.”

– Tom L.

“As you are already aware, I resigned from AT&T and assumed my new responsibilities as “Sr. Vice President of Operations and Engineering” at _________. The Board of Directors has also appointed me as one of the officers of the Company.

Headquarters is located right here in San Antonio, and only 5 miles from my house! As if all this were not enough, the compensation package I received is three times that I had with my previous employer!

I am certain I would not hold my current position had I not strictly followed the program and your coaching suggestions.”

– Chuck B.

“I was recruited into a Senior Vice President role with the objective being to assume the Presidency position within 6-9 months. This was a delicate situation requiring careful negotiation and protracted discussions. Your guidance and insight kept me focused throughout the process and ultimately landed me the job under the best circumstances possible. My ascension into the President/CEO role came sooner than anticipated occurring within 4 months of my joining the firm. An achievement I clearly owe to you and your ability to maximize my talents before and after employment.

As you know I have referred other professionals to you and will continue to do so with high regard for your ability to assist their own personal and professional growth.”

– Richmond F.

“I began this process feeling uncertain about making a transition after a 20 year career in the Air Force. I knew I had been successful in the past but wondered if I could be successful in the future. You enabled me to look to the future with pride, certainty, and promise.

You also gave me the tools and process necessary to complete a successful career campaign. This was the best investment I’ve ever made.

I’m looking forward to a long term relationship with you as I begin my new career and develop a success path in the private sector.”

– Duane M.

“I recall how profoundly lost and inept I felt…. I had no understanding of the value of my skills accumulated during my career in education. I certainly had no knowledge of how to market myself, or who to focus my efforts on during my campaign. In short, I really believed that there was little hope in my dream of finding a new career that would both challenge me and use the best of my strengths.

But through your knowledge and skills as my mentor and coach, you challenged me to see my abilities in a new light. You opened the cryptic world of career development for me and showed me how to map a clear path through the tangles. And you taught me how to have the courage, and fortitude, to step into the driver’s seat, to take control of my career development, instead of being at the mercy of circumstances.

I am looking forward to the challenges of building my computer expertise into a career in technical training, with your guidance and counsel to help me navigate the rough patches with confidence. I know this isn’t the end of the road, but an open door to a new world of opportunities, and I realize that I couldn’t have found that open door without all of your help.”

– Julian O.

“Never did I imagine that my 3 year goal would be met within the first 12 months…. But that is exactly what has happened, with a 6 figure compensation package.”

– Patrick B.

“Well, here I am — gainfully employed thanks to you…Never was anything so hard or so easy. Hard because you forced me to confront my innate shyness and ambivalence about my career. Easy because the process takes you step by step. Or, in my case, emotion by emotion.

I wanted to do something totally new and we’ve done it: a new industry, somewhat new responsibilities, a new, energized me.”

– Magdalena M.

“No professional contacts, no acquaintances in the industry, the last two years as a student, and damn little practical experience is what you had to work with. You helped me land a job that seems to have been designed specifically for me!

The promotion opportunities look tremendous. I have near daily contact with the President, several VPs and directors; the visibility is awesome!

P.S. Next time we talk, I have to tell you about the raise and promotion I got on the second day!”

– David C.

“It has been four weeks since I made the decision to hire (your organization) to help me market myself. In retrospect, it has truly been the best investment I could have made. From day one, you have helped me to recognize my value and to present my skills in the best possible light. You recast my resume and prepared me for the interview process. This gave me confidence that I was making a great first impression.

In four weeks my circle of influence expanded to include some of the most influential company leaders in San Antonio. The contacts I’ve made will serve me well as I continue to develop my professional skills and image.

Again, thank you for shaping my career and giving me the direction I so desperately needed at this time in my life.”

– Ed L.

“Numerous planned activities contributed to the success none of, which stand-alone. First, is your professional dedication to working with me successfully plan my healthcare career. Your review of my experience qualifications, resume development, and carefully planned interviews resulted in five jobs being offered during the same period.

The assistance with salary and fringe benefits negotiations resulted in a 90-day job review with a probable $2,500 pay raise and a year-end bonus of 10-15 percent, in addition to profit sharing.

The best way I can thank you is to apply all you have taught me and strongly recommend (you) to anyone who is looking for assistance in finding a job and negotiating benefits deserving of their experience.”

– Rogelio R.

“I was becoming convinced that 20 years in the Air Force meant very little to the civilian employers. You were right – it’s all in the packaging. I’m in a job I enjoy, that’s giving me the practical human resource expertise to make me even more marketable in a couple of years.

Very simply, I came…on the verge of depression and left excited about the future, with a well-paying job, and secure in the knowledge that, if I decide I want a change, I’ll have your help.

One of the things that startled me the most – I developed what I thought was a pretty decent resume and posted it on several Internet job sites. In two months, 11 employers/recruiters looked at it. No one called. In two weeks, the resume you put together was viewed by 23 employers/recruiters, and I received 3 calls. Obviously, you know how to get results.”

– Marissa M.

“I was disappointed in my previous jobs and did not know how to go after the career that I wanted. Your candid advice and observations put me on the right track to get what I wanted. (Your) training gave me the tools to get in front of the decision makers and convey to them why they should take an interest in me.

I look forward to continuing our relationship over the next (several) years and accomplishing my objectives.”

– Victor D.

“I just want to say “thank you” for everything the professional team…did for me during my job search. Your support and guidance were crucial during my marketing campaign. Thanks to your assistance, I was able to make a career change obtaining a Professional Representative position with ________.

It was an extraordinary experience…since my initial interview. Your professionalism and unique techniques helped me to recognize my talents and skills and showed me how to take these to the next level, allowing me to be successful in many meetings and interviews.

I look forward teaming up with you and the rest of the team for the next couple of years. I know that your assistance and guidance will play a very important role in the success of my new career.”

– Florentino C.

“I would like to express…my many thanks for assisting me with making a very successful transition from an Army veteran to a civilian businessman. Your keen insight into the market, you guidance, and your tutelage were paramount in marketing myself, identifying the right companies, and finding the right job.

I made dozens of calls. I faxed and mailed hundreds of resumes. All to no avail. My skills and education alone didn’t seem to do it. The greatest problem I encountered was how to enter a civilian world with a military skills-set and mind-set. I needed professional assistance.

You provided me with a process to successfully market myself. I am grateful for your help.”

– Sandy S.

“I can’t tell you how much you prepared me for my career search. Note that I didn’t say job. I feel that you prepared me to find my career position; the quality of your program instilled upon me the desire to succeed.

Without the assistance…I would have arrived in San Antonio, and started reading the Sunday Newspaper Want Ads and traveled down the path with little knowledge and experience on how to succeed in today’s job search.

I will recommend you to all of my retiring military friends and associates.”

– William M.

Four months later…

“After our meeting concerning my salary adjustment concerns, the next day, my employer called me into his office. He wanted to know if I was happy doing the duties and job they hired me for. I stated that I wanted to sit down with them and evaluate the situation the next day and provide them with my own evaluation.

After a two hour meeting with the CEO I received a $12,000 raise. Not bad for working for the company starting in April and receiving a raise effective 1 August.

…you’ve opened my eyes to the possibilities on the civilian job market.”

– William M.